SUMMARY: Sol7 and Quad 10Mb ether ctlr

From: Steve Gauthier (
Date: Mon Mar 22 1999 - 16:06:16 CST

First, thanks to (Igor Khurgin) who wrote:
You have to install:
 SUNWqfed Sun Quad FastEthernet Adapter Driver
SUNWqfedu Sun Quad FastEthernet Adapter Driver
And then configure your qfe interfaces to work on 10mb only.

and (Toshio Kumagai) who wrote:
Hi Steve,
     I remember that somebody have got luck for BigMac ethernet I/F
     on Sol7 with Sol2.6 driver.
     I think qec driver for 2.6 might work on Sol7 :-)
  Good luck.
  Toshio Kumagai

Okay, I am honestly confused because now it is working... No system reboot,
nothing. And I
know for a fact that the system is idle and has been idle all day.

FYI, Igor, I had the packages SUNWqfed[u] installed already from the OS
installation process.

I don't know what happened. Sorry to waste your time.

Original message:

I have a Quad 10 megabit ethernet controller card installed on my Ultra 1.
I had it working fine under Sol 2.6. I just freshly installed Sol 7 and
my ethernet connections on the card didn't work... After I convinced myself
that I wasn't setting up the port wrong, I typed 'prtconf' and got:
        qec (driver not attached)
            qe (driver not attached)
            qe (driver not attached)
            qe (driver not attached)
            qe (driver not attached)
Then I checked the installed packages and found that the only drivers for
QUAD ethernet cards are for the 100 megabit quad cards. I did a FULL
install so I have all possible drivers that come with the install media.
("Entire distribution plus OEM support" install option).
Does anyone know where I can get the drivers for this card under Solaris 7?
Thanks in advance and I will summarize!

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