SUMMARY: Backup Systems

From: José Carlos Pérez Ramilo (
Date: Tue Mar 16 1999 - 11:40:43 CST

This is the summary to my question below about ufsdump for backing up
a SUN system:

A great percentage of people is using ufsdump fo backups, in spite of two
potential problems:

1 - ufsdump first get a list of all the files in the filesystem, and after
backs them up
      So, It is possible that files created after this point, or files
modified, will not
      be stored correctly.
2- Large files, like those created by databases like Oracle, Sybase and so
on, must
     be backed up with the database manager stopped. Will appear
     if there is people accessing the database and changing registers on it.

So, I have to minimize the system load while backing up stopping all the
that moves data, or accept the risk that it represents.

Backup systems like Solstice Backup and others can fix the first problem,
but not the second
one (maybe somebody can confirm this: I have been using a backup system for
NT that can
handle live Microsoft SQL Server databases; if it is possible in NT it will
also be in Solaris!!!!).

I will still using ufsdump/ufsrestore for its power and simplicity.

Thanks to:

Andrés Caceres
Goodson Alex
Alex. De-La-Salle
Cooke, Earl R.
Wolf Schaefer
Bismark Spinoza (maybe this is not your real name !!!)

My original message:

> Hello:
> I wonder if I'm doing something terribly wrong: I daily backup all my data
(35Gb) from a
> UE 450 into a DLT 4.000 tape, and do it using ufsdump in normal operating
> I schedule the backup task with cron for starting at 24:00, and until now
I have been
> able to recover several files from this tapes without problems.
> I know: the man pages and every document I have looked at recommends to
use ufsdump
> in single user mode, but It is impossible for me to do so: I allways have
a user doing something
> on the system.
> The activity on the file system to backup is very low between 24:00 and
03:00, with just
> a couple of NFS file transfers.
> I was sleeping very well with this backup system, because when I needed to
restore something,
> it allways worked.
> - Is there anything that I must be aware of ?
> - Maybe I am playing with my user's files ?
> - Is there any other backup system / utility I should use ?
> Thank you very much in advance.
> José Carlos Pérez Ramilo
> Dalphi-Metal España S.A.

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