SUMMARY: Restricting Paths on FTP logins

From: Reichert, Alan (
Date: Thu Mar 11 1999 - 13:12:12 CST

The original question was:

> > I'm looking for documentation on how to restrict a user (other than
> > anonymous) from roaming about a system when making an ftp
> connection.
> > I want to restrict users to a particular tree when ftp'ing in. Can
> > anyone point me to docs on this? I've looked through,
> > but that appears to be only basic ftp use and configuration.

Responses were:

1. install wu-ftpd (The overwhelmingly popular response)
2. Install Proftpd
3. Look at chroot()

There was also a pointer to the wu-ftpd mailing list at

I'm currently looking at the standard distribution of wu-ftpd, and will
also be looking at a hacked version of it from Derek Ferguson.

Thanks for the replies from:

Derek Ferguson
Bob Jackiewicz
rodney c. marable
Goldthorp, Jonathan
Chris Marble
Mark Mellman
Bill Mooney
Mark Glaves
Paramasivam, Meenakshisundaram
Karl Vogel
Amanul Haque
Rudy Willis
Melanie Dymond Harper
Joe Thykattil
Chad Price
Gary Smith
Fisher, Julie
Candido Caceres
David B. Harrington
Howard Boggs
Patrick Shannon
Aki Sasaki
Jenny Partusch

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