SUMMARY : file system full error

Date: Wed Mar 10 1999 - 02:02:33 CST

Hi Sun Managers,
Thanks for all the responses I received. Special thanks to below
guys for their suggestions/opinions etc. I tried running fsck several
times as suggested by Nick Hindley and surprisingly it
works.(adleast until today).
again, TQ very much.


qqqqqqqqq My original question qqqqqqqqqqqqqq

dear Sun Managers,

I'm getting below error messages.
The error said that /dbn is full but df -k shows different.
Is this because of program that I used to run in /dbn ?
Would this indicate that I need to add another swap space to my
My machine is ultra 10, running on solaris 2.6, with 128Mb
of memory.
Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated. I'll summarize.


rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr responses receined rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

From: "Nick Hindley" <>
Subject: RE: file system full error

This maybe down to fragmentation. try running fsck on it. If
you get high numbers (i.e. > 2-3%) it may be that. You can also
try the Eaglesoft utilities


From: Danny Johnson
Subject: Re: file system full error

the stack error message might actually indicate that sendmail
is in some kind of recursive loop and has hit the limit of the
stack segment size (which defaults to an 8MB limit),
rather than being out of virtual memory in swap/tmp.


rom: Seth Rothenberg <>
Subject: file system full error -Reply

I have an idea what can cause this...

1. Users other then root will see a file system
as full earlier than 100%. Root is allowed to
write until there really is no room left.

In fact, I think there is even more space
beyond 100% which root is allowed to use.

man mkfs may have information on how to set
the % root-only space on a disk, which is
supposed to prevent panics.



From: (James Wendling)
Subject: Re: file system full error

Check to see if the filesystem is out of inodes: df -e


From: "Balamurugan Krishnan" <>
Subject: Re: file system full error
Date sent: Thu, 04 Mar 1999 04:28:43 PST

Look for lsof utility from web and download the same ..
This utility should help you in finding out open files under
your filesystem and kill the process ..
Do not believe df ....


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