SUMMARY: Change Control System

From: Marais Gert (
Date: Tue Mar 09 1999 - 01:07:03 CST

Hi all,
I had an overwhelming response to my question ( original follow at end )
and want to thank each and everybody who responded ( To many names to
mention but they know who they are.)
Everybody advised to use the GNU ( freeware ) utilities, CVS as
front-end to RCS, which is easier to use that SCCS. Also something to
look at is TCCS and the O'Reilly & associates ( book on RCS &
SCCS. TCCS is a tool set developed and explained in the book also based
on RCS.
One answer received suggested :
check out 'Razor' from Tower Concepts (
Their s/w is not free, but worth every penny!
I will though look at the GNU stuff first.
 Many places to download from: , , , , , has a number of useful links and good explanations.
Also some faq's available:
Check out for more

Thanx again to everybody and a great mailing list. Great to have so many
friends at your finger tips. Catch you later on the net.
Just another SUN friend.
Gert Marais

My original question :
> Hi Managers,
> I am trying to locate a Change Control System, freeware or
> "cheap-ware"
> for Solaris. I would like to control the source code, ie. who is
> working
> on which program and prevent somebody from changing a program if it is
> booked out to someone else. Control source between test and
> production,
> etc. It looks like /usr/ccs/bin/sccs can do it, but has somebody
> written
> some code to make the use of it easier?
> Any help and idees would be appreciated. I don't want to reinvent the
> wheel.
> Regards
> Gert Marais

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