SUMMARY: CD writer for Solaris.

From: Simon Falvey (
Date: Mon Mar 08 1999 - 11:33:20 CST

Simon Falvey wrote:

> Hi,
> Has anyone come across any commercial products for writting CD-R disks
> directly under Solaris?
> Thanks
> Simon Falvey
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> Simon Falvey
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> Oracle UK

Thanks to everyone for the response to this. I have had too many replys
to name individuals.

There are a number of happy Gear users out there, (used to
be or - My experience with this
product was all on the PC and I am glad to say that it is apparently much
better under solaris. The Solaris version is arround $1800

For larger installations (jukebox etc) iXOS do a product called jukeman

Also available CD-creator by KPAR @

HyCD - - haven't looked at this one yet.

Young minds -

Fire series for Unix - ($5K+)


On the free side - cdrecord

Also some FAQs are around (Sun CD-ROM FAQ: Using
a CD
Recorder on a Sun workstation)

Thanks Again


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