ANNOUNCE: solaris-packages-announce notification list

From: Mookie (
Date: Sat Mar 06 1999 - 21:24:53 CST

Hi all,

A lot of people have used my archive to set up their Solaris boxes with
the tools required to get work done. A number of them have asked me to
email them when package X is available for Solaris Y. I've politely
declined since it's a big job.

Now I'm happy to announce an emailing list where interested persons can
join and when new packages are uploaded to the archive a note will be sent
out by me to the list and people can decide immediately if they want/need
to fetch the new software.

The list is one way only, no-one else but myself is allowed to post so the
usefulness of the service will be maintained. The volume will be low in
relation to other lists, only when new software is provided or a change to
software needs to be communicated will a message be sent out.

To join:

or send "subscribe" as the subject or body, (either, not both) to:

The software should handle you itself. Getting off the list is as simple
as sending "unsubscribe" to the above address or via the web at:

I hope others find this list useful. Now that I have this facility I'll
unfreeze the package development and start announcing new software.

The primary site for the packages is, (x86 and SPARC):


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