SUMMARY: Odd Netscape / Solaris problem

From: Peter L. Wargo (
Date: Tue Feb 23 1999 - 13:22:10 CST

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>Wondering if anybody has seen this...
>User has U10/300, Sol 2.6 HW 5/98. Netscape 4.5 starts to bus error when
>accessing mail.
>I say, "4.5 sux, try 4.06"
>Same problem. I went through everything I could think of, short of
>.cshrc debugging for stuff like bad LD_LIBRARY_PATH or the like.
>Anybody seen this?

Turns out it was an item of mail in the inbox. I was unaware of the ~/nsmail
directory. (I, and most of our users, use pine or dtmail) Once we changed it to
old.nsmail, it worked fine. Further investigation led to the inbox, which we are
trimming as I write this. (Doesn't help that this user has *thousands* of
messages in the inbox. But, we have a date to work from.)

Other items of note:
Andy Ford (

We don't have exactly yhe same setup here, but if your user is using
POP, then the problem may be with a corrupt mail folder summary file,

        Format: .<mail folder>.summary

        e.g. for mail folder Inbox,


These are normally found in the directory 'nsmail' in the user's home
account. I suggest removing .*.summary, thereby forcing Netscape to
rebuild when accessed.

Tim Evans: (

Workaround is to open your preferences as soon as you load Netscape,
change nothing, click OK. You're fine until the next time you start

Thanks to:
Roger Fujii <>
Tim Evans <>
Ian Angles <> (Thomas Anders)
Jon Trygve Utne <>
Michael F Gordon <>
Anthony Worrall <>
Andy Ford <>

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