Summary: rsh intermittent time-out or hang

From: Martin Meadows (
Date: Fri Feb 19 1999 - 11:05:29 CST


I'm not sure we've actually got a solution to this problem.

However, by reading the sun-managers archives, I found that a similar
problem happens when sparcstations run an old version of inetd.
Apparently, rsh is known to hang when it's used repeatedly over a short
period of time. This isn't necessarily the problem we're having ... but
we're going with the newer version of inetd anyway. We've patched our dev
box & are now planning to patch our production box, too. The recommended
patch is 100178-09. For more information about what the patch is
for see the sun-managers archives & refer to messages with inetd
and/or rsh in the subject.

Special thanks to :


Here's the original problem:


   We've discovered an interesting problem that we're hoping
   someone out there can explain. It's an rsh problem. The following

   rsh hostabc -l userjoe date

   works fine when executed between our SunOS systems. I've tested
   it from a Solaris 2.5 machine to a SunOS 4.1.3_u1 vB machine and
   can run it repeatedly without problem.

   If I try to execute the same command from a local nt system
   this command works once or twice (and sometimes many times) in a
   row & then hangs & eventually displays a time-out message. The
   next time I execute the command (after a failure) it almost
   always works. This can be repeated over & over.

   The same behaviour is seen when I run an rsh command from a local
   VMS system to our SunOS 4.1.3._u1 vB machine.

   I've reviewed the Sun-Managers archives & see a few summaries
   that refer to similar rsh hang problems ... but none really seem
   to fit our situation.

   Can anyone help?

   Martin Meadows
   Indianapolis, In.

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