SUMMARY: email related problems

From: Nobuhira Kaminaga (
Date: Thu Feb 18 1999 - 20:26:07 CST


I posted questions about two email related problems almost one month ago.
They are:

        1. smtp server (ex. for domain) with sendmail 8.9.1
           recognizes email address with parent domain name (ex.
  as local user so smtp can't handle the job
        2. smtp server with sendmail 8.9.1 overwrites FQDN part of mail from
           address with specific domain name (ex. is over
           written by

I found problem 1 was caused by sendmail executable prepared by previous
system administrator which had hard coded location of This
sendmail referred /etc/ but I tried to correct possible problem in
/etc/mail/ I rebuilt sendmail executable to let it works under
standard condition to avoid further confusion.

I checked everything of dns and sendmial related configuration files for
problem 2 but I couldn't find any problems in them. And the problem 2 was
disapeared when A record for "localhost" was removed from dns forward lookup
table and I can't explain the reason why this happened.

Thank you for your attention,


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