SUMMARY: Help need to PPP to AT&T worldnet private network

Date: Wed Feb 17 1999 - 13:23:17 CST

I am really sorry so the late posting of this summary.

I recevied several responses and many thanks to:


édéric Piard
Nadya Williams.
Alan Orndorff

I still have not resolved my problem to make solaris ppp to work with AT&T
secure private network.

I use dail-in other ISP without problem but AT&T secure private network
requires CHAP authentification and I always got Local Authentification
error message, even thought I was using the right CHAP Secret key in the file.

I am trying the Solstice PPP 3.0.1 version now and will give it a try if I
can get the package installed to the system successfully.

Here are some comments from the responses that I think it may be benefit to
the future users:

>From Alan:

asppp can be setup to do chap, geez,its a unix protocol not an MS one,
for setup details see,

>From Nadya:

mygw Any ACUEC 38400 1234567 "" P_ZERO name: myname word: mypass annex: ppp

mygw - is the name i use for "peer_system_name" in the /etc/
Any - day-of-week and time-of-day when you may call
ACUEC - device type, have to have it defined in /etc/uucp/Devices
38400 - transfer speed (not modem speed)
1234567 - your ISP phone number

the rest of the line is the sequence of expect-send fields

"" - expect nothing
P_ZERO - send P_ZERO, i forgotten the exact meaning of P_ZERO, but i think
        is needed for synchronization.
name: - this is the part of what your ISP sends as the prompt. In my case
         was "Login name
myname - your login name on ISP system
word: - another part of ISP prompt. I had "Password:"
mypass - your password on ISP system
annex: - the last part of the prompt.
ppp - this teels the remote system to start ppp connection

The expect words "name:", "word:", "annex:" are the extracted fields from
complete set of all the characters that your ISP is sending to you. To find
the exact sequense you need to use debug level 9 in your file,
you can see what is coming from your ISP. Then you can use whatever fields
want. For example, my expect pairs would work for the following garbage

     Welcome to AAA service.
     Tell us what is your login name:
     Now, we can process your password:
     Thank you for using AAA.
     proceed your further work at our annex:

You will need to create something along these lines. Your ISP may have only
prompts to which you need to send reply (login name and password), or it
have something else that you have to deal with. The only problem I had was
the ISP had the total number of characters in their prompt above 1024. The
connection was exiting with an error all the time. I think it might be the
limitation of aspppd under Solaris. After the prompt was cut by ISP things
working fine. (Had to watch debug level 9 once in a while since ISP was
changing their prompt sometimes).

>From Frédéric:

I have resolved a similar problem wanting to use their services under
Windows NT.

I use the informations on this page

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