SUMMARY : NIS server on 2.6

From: Niall O Broin (
Date: Tue Feb 16 1999 - 10:53:00 CST

I asked about NIS server functionality on 2.6, as I couldn't find
the SUNWnskt[ru] packages which provided this in 2.5.1. Kudos to
Martin Oksnevad ( who informed
me that the packages are now called SUNWyp[ru] with the same
descriptions as before. I thought I did a full install of 2.6 on
my server, so I'm damned if I know why I didn't get those packages
installed. And thanks to whatever genius in Sun decided to change
the name of the packages :-)

This list is always useful, but this time it surpassed itself. I posted
my original query just before going home, hoping that I'd have an answer
in the morning. Instead, I get my problem solved and my NIS server working
before I even leave. Thanks Martin, and all the others whose replies are
yet to come.

Kindest regards,

Niall O Broin

UNIX Network Administrator
Ground Systems Engineering Department Ph./Fax +49 6151 90 3619/2179
European Space Operations Centre, Darmstadt, Germany

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