SUMMARY: Solaris 7 virtual interfaces

From: Lukas Karrer (
Date: Thu Feb 11 1999 - 04:16:00 CST


In short, what was the problem:

I created virtual interfaces with /sbin/ifconfig hme0:1 up
as of solaris 2.6, the OS adds a route over each of the virtual interfaces.

With solaris 2.6, I ussued route delete to
delete these routes. As of Solaris 7, the OS does no more accept this
(wrong) command, as it is false. it should be:

route delete net

Here some other hints: noted a better way to create virtual interfaces:

> a better way to set up the interfaces is by creating /etc/hostname.hme0:1,
> etc.)

>All traffic should go out from the hostname named by /etc/nodename, except
>connections initiated to the secondary interfaces, which is generally a Good
>Thing (tm). This is because a bind to the unspecified address, or making
>a new
>network socket always gives you the primary address of the host. An
>has to specifically bind to the virtual interfaces to use that address.

"V. Q. Hoang" <> noted:

> Try
> ndd -set /dev/ip ip_enable_group_ifs 0
> this was something that started with 2.6, I'm not sure if it's
> still there with 2.7

Well, I could net get this to work....

Thanks to all who replied



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