SUMMARY: Duplexing print queue with HP JetAdmin

From: Richard Zinar (
Date: Wed Feb 10 1999 - 11:26:39 CST


   Below is my original post, along with the responses I received.
   Thanks to all who responded. Most of the solutions involve making
   minor edits to the interface script. I used the solution suggested
   by Charles Nguyen; the solutions given by Rick Schieche and Brooke King
   also would work ...


Original Post:

   We have an HP LaserJet 4000TN printer with a duplexing attachment.
   I'd like to set up a print queue, such that all jobs sent to the
   queue are printed in duplex mode.

   The HP JetAdmin utility (Version D.05.15) doesn't appear to allow
   this option to be defined when configuring a print queue. I realize
   HP does provide a GUI tool (jetprint) which does allow duplexing to
   be specified, but I'd like a command-line alternative. I was able to
   print in duplex mode on the machine where the JetAdmin software
   is installed by supplying option "-o duplex", but that doesn't
   work with Suns which are accessing the printer as a remote printer -
   I get the error message:

       Warning: lj4000 not configured to handle all lp options:
          ignoring: -o duplex

   How can I define a print queue where the default mode is duplex (either
   long-edge or short-edge)? This is in a Solaris 2.5.1/2.6 environment ...

>From Jim Roy []

    I have set up a que on a 4.1.3 machine for duplex printing to
    a remote 2.5.1 machine. The secret is to add DUPLEX=1 to the
   .params file in the spool directory on the 4.1.3 machine.
  ( I think that's all... long time ago... )

    Here`s my printcap entry, and the .params file from sd=

    # this guy is set up for duplex printing
    lj4|lp|Laserjet 4000 TN:\

    nga{jim}132: more .params

>From Matthew Stier []

   Okay, I'm betting that on the print clients, that in the /etc/lp/Systems
   file, that the print server is defined as type BSD. This is not a problem.
   It is the recommended way from Sun, however, the BSD protocols do not
   understand "options".

   Sun does have a little documented flag for this, called "SVR4-Extensions",
   and it needs to be inserted in the 8th field for the print server.


   Note: At our site we define simplex and duplex queue for our users. (Some
   applications do not permit adding options to the commandline) Once you
   create the queues, look for the interfaces script for the queue, and change
   the DUPLEX environment variable to type of duplexing you would like the
   queue to do.

>From Charles Nguyen []

  1) Define a new printer. Call it duplex or something
  2) Go to the directory: /etc/lp/interfaces/model.orig
  3) modify line 436 of the file for the printer
            (ie: /etc/lp/interfaces/model.orig/duplex)
  4) change the option to vduplex.


>From Bismark Espinoza []

   Create a jetadmin print queue on a Solaris 2.5.1/2.6 print server.
   Then change the /usr/lib/lp/model/net_ljx000 file to always
   send the -duplex option.

>From Brooke King []

   I believe you want the "vd" option for long-side binding. You can
   add this to the filter by changing /etc/lp/interfaces/$queue from



      if [ -z "$options" ]
         options="$option vd"

   I have scripts to do this to our print servers' HP duplex queues
   so I can invoke them in the print servers' JumpStart finish

>From Vladimir []

   I am not sure this would help: try locating the interface script
  (it's /etc/lp/interfaces/queue_name in our installation)
   and put the line

      options="$options duplex"

   somewhere in the beginning. That would force duplex printing
   on that queue (if that's what you want).

>From Rick Schieche []

   I did this by just creating another printer in JetAdmin and appending a "d"
   to the end of the name. Then edit /etc/lp/interfaces/model.orig/<printername>
   and change the line in the script that says:


   Then just have people who want to print duplex send it to that printer queue.

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