Summary: Solaris support for 3rd party sbus card

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Date: Wed Feb 03 1999 - 15:51:16 CST

Thanks to Donovan Conrad and Chad Price for stating the obvious and telling
me to contact Performance Technologies. The board had always been serviced
by DEC so when I couldn't get the information I needed from DEC, I gave up.

I contacted and found two items of interest. At U20 on the
board there are 4 dip switches. If you close switch 1, the board switches to
Sun Emulation mode and has native support.

There also is a newer driver for Solaris 2.6, but it won't work if you boot
the 64 bit kernel.

I opted for the 1st item my Ultra's running a 64bit kernel with the array up
and running.


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Subject: Solaris support for 3rd party sbus card

I've got a couple DEC Storageworks RAID arrays hanging off of Ultra 1 boxes.
The units have a differential ultra-wide SCSI connection to the host. As a
test, I did an upgrade install on one unit. Upon restart, I am unable to
load a driver for my SBUS adapter. The adapter is a Performance
Technologies PT-SBS440A. Previously, we used the DECptisp driver that
shipped with the array, but that driver won't load under Solaris 7. Any
know of a work around for this card? From the OBP I can see the adapter and
the array attached to it, but can't access it from the OS.


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