SUMMARY: Firmware upgrade on Ultra 1

From: Nils K. Sch°yen (
Date: Tue Feb 02 1999 - 08:18:30 CST

Hallo Managers!

To solve the problem I had to install patch 104288. This patch is
independent of OS version even though it is listed as an 5.6 patch.

Thanks to all who responded!!!


Nils K. Sch°yen

Original posting:

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I upgraded one of our Ultra 1 Creator 3D to Solaris 7 on friday.

After the installation had finished, I was instructed to upgrade
the system flash prom. Needed in order to handle 64 bits OS.

I have now moved the jumper on the main board so that the flash
prom can be updated.

How to I update the system flash prom?????

I will summarize.


Nils K. Sch°yen

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