SUMMARY:Problems rack-mounting a Sun 450 server?

From: Judith Reed (
Date: Fri Jan 29 1999 - 11:08:33 CST

I wrote asking about problems with rack-mounted 450's where the door doesn't
close, got 3 me-too's already. Here's what folks say:
We have three rack mounted 450's and we cannot close the doors either (and they
came that way from the reseller). According to Sun the cabinets were designed
that way. Nobody thought about a door on a rack mounted 450 (or other systems,
suppose). They just assumed that it would be open faced. We got ours to close
except for the bottom which remains ajar.
We have had the same problem for months.

We also have a cabinet that a E450 fits in fine. There are cabinet doors on
the market where the latches are positioned in a different place.
Unfortunately if you don't ask specifically for one
you can't be sure which door you'll get.
We had similar problems with four racks and four e450s we had to
ship to a client in a hurry. Fortunately we have a machine shop
and got them to modify the hardware. If we'd had more time, we
probably would have demanded Sun make it good.

Many thanks to those who responded. Not sure what we'll do yet.

Judith Reed
(315) 453-2912 x335

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