SUMMARY: Interesting Font Problem

From: Otto, Doug (
Date: Thu Jan 28 1999 - 14:42:42 CST

I managed to figure this out this morning on my own. I did get a few
replies, but most of them consisted of "we've had the same problem, let me
know how to fix it." One suggested I try xfs, that works for making the
font available, but from my applications perspective, it's no different than
adding a local font path - it still won't resolve the font.

Here's what I did to correct the problem:

The existing code added /usr/local/lib/font to the users font path so I
retained the original directory. I copied in the *.bdf files from the SunOS
machine and ran the following:

% foreach font(*.bdf)
>set outfile=`echo $font | awk '-F.' '{print $1}'`
> bdftopcf -o $outfile.pcf $font
>rm $font

This replaced all of my *.bdf files with *.pcf files.

Next you need to create a fonts.dir file, by running mkfontdir in the new
The fonts then become available if you reset your font path:
% xset fp default; xset +fp /usr/local/lib/font fp rehash

The problem now is that my application was still looking for the "long font
name" instead of the "triumvirate-*" that was just installed from the pcf
files. To correct that, in the same directory I created a file called
fonts.alias - this is the content of the file:


After saving this file, and resetting my font path once again, the
application is happy again.

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> Subject: Interesting Font Problem
> Our engineering department is going through a port of several internal
> applications from SunOS/Open Look to Solaris 2.6 under CDE. Long, long
> ago (in a land far away) one of our original developers used a font called
> Triumvirate to solve some problems he was having while trying to match
> display fonts with fonts on a proprietary printer we used. The font
> apparently was a BSD vfont at one point in it's life.
> I've got the font in .bdf format and was able to convert to pcf, but I
> can't seem to make them available for these Xview aware applications.
> Even though they've been added to the font path and fonts.dir and DPS*.upr
> appropriate I still get the following on application startup:
> > XView warning: Cannot load font set
> > '-*-triumvirate-medium-r-*-*-*-90-*-*-*-*-*-*' (Font package)
> >
> > XView warning: Cannot load font set
> > '-*-triumvirate-medium-r-*-*-*-100-*-*-*-*-*-*' (Font package)
> If someone could even point me in the direction for some decent
> documentation regarding font handling under CDE, it would be appreciated.
> Thanks, I've been banging on this for 4 days now with little progress.
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> Doug Otto
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