SUMMARY: SS20 CD-ROM connectors/cables

From: Tim Pointing (
Date: Thu Jan 28 1999 - 14:03:12 CST

Firstly, let me reiterate what others have said about this list: it is
fantastic! Eight answers in less than five hours.

Thanks go to:
        Jeff Wimmer
        James Wendling
        Charlie Mengler
        Scott F. Woods
        Rik Schneider
        Joydeep X Mukherjee
        Raymond Wong
        Chris Phillips

The concensus of opinion was that this was simply the analog output from the
CD-ROM drive. Depending on the model of the CPU, it could be plugged into the
System Mother board to allow CD audio to be connected to the system. It is
certainly not required for correct operation of the OS.

One person suggested that it might be the SCSI ID select cable. The ID select
jumpers are on the other side of the SCSI connector so the cable in question
was likely not SCSI-related.

Original question:

>In replacing a hard drive in a SS20 workstation, the 3-conductor cable
>running from the inner-side of the back of the CD-ROM drive (next to the SCSI
>connector) was disconnected from wherever else it connected. This CD-ROM
>drive is old enough that it doesn't really show up on the Toshiba Web pages
>so I can't tell what this connector was for.
>If anybody can tell me where the cable should connect (it is about 50cm or
>20in long, 3-wires (but has 4 pins in the connector), I would really
>appreciate it!

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