SUMMARY : Jumpstart hangs

From: Niall O Broin (
Date: Thu Jan 28 1999 - 01:56:17 CST

I had a bizarre problem with jumpstart hanging with certain machines. Jeff
Woolsey ( provided the answer, which was to make sure that the
server was exporting the install filesystems readonly.

I had been down this road before such that when the filesystem was NOT
exported readonly, jumpstart would not create a proper hosts file. However,
it did everything else properly. In this case, my dfstab was set up correctly.
However, in order to write some stuff to the export disk, I had shared it by
hand with -o rw,root=sun155. Those of you who read the problem may recall
that sun155 was the only one which WOULD install. So, in summary, if you fail
to share the install filesystem ro, you can encounter bizarre jumpstart problems.

Kindest regards,

Niall O Broin

UNIX Network Administrator
Ground Systems Engineering Department Ph./Fax +49 6151 90 3619/2179
European Space Operations Centre, Darmstadt, Germany

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