SUMMARY: Old Kit Identification

From: Matthew Atkinson (
Date: Wed Jan 20 1999 - 09:00:29 CST

Dear All,

Thanks very much to all the people who replied to me about
identifying old kit. There were far too many to list them all.

A lot of people told me how to do things like prtconf etc, but
had obviously not read the part of my original message which
said that I didn't want to have to load an OS just to find out
what hardware I had.

I got a number of useful web-site addresses, as follows:-

Sun Hardware FAQ
SPEC benchmarks
Sun Hardware Reference
Framebuffer FAQ

But the most useful comment came from Sam Vilain in New Zealand
<>, who told me to do show-devs at the
ok prompt, which tells me what's installed without me having to
install any software at all.

Thanks to all concerned, and just for those who are interested,
I have succesfully installed Solaris 7 on such ancient boxes as
an IPC, IPX, and SS2's, and ir runs fine (if a little slowly).
Just try the equivalent on Intel/Windoze kit (NT Server 4.0 on
an 80286 maybe?), including jumpstart of course.


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