Summary: Re: no root shell

From: Richard Young (
Date: Tue Jan 19 1999 - 18:25:22 CST

I just need to:
  boot cdrom -s
  mount /dev/dsk/<root partition> /a
  vi /a/etc/passwd

> boot

I like to thank you Otto and Eric for their really prompt response!
"Otto, Doug" <>
"Eric D. Pancer" <>
 and also, Stefan Jon Silverman <>
 David Evans <>


My co-worker editted his password file on a Solaris 2.5.1 to change root's
shell from sh to csh. Unfortunately, the editting change was from
/usr/sbin/sh to /usr/sbin/csh. On his system, sh exist on /usr/sbin, but
csh did not. So now, he is unable to log-in as root nor reboot as
single-user ( No shell error ). The OS did not offer a default shell!

What is the procedure to reboot from cdrom in order to correct the
/etc/passwd file. Or, is there a simpler way to gain root access??

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