SUMMARY(unresolved):How to keep a monitor from blanking?

From: Judith Reed (
Date: Tue Jan 12 1999 - 10:23:52 CST

I asked how to keep the monitor of a Sun that is not running X on the console
from blanking the display. The host in question is running Solaris 5.5.

All the responses center around /etc/power.conf, the dtpower binary, or xset.
I reiterate - the console is just displaying ASCII text, no X or CDE running.
I received several "me-too's" so I'll post what folks said, qualified by
the fact that none of these are installed/running on our system, so none
of them work, but the monitor still blanks. If anyone has any more ideas,
send them along and I'll summarize again. Thanks!

I don't think xset works when X is not running, which it is not on this host?

/etc/power.conf doesn't exist, and the power management package is not

One respondant said (sounds like our situation):
>if it's a screen blank (i recall my sunos boxes in non X
>going blank, but the solaris 2.6 never did, except by power off.)
>i'm not sure how to turn it off, i was always pleased when it
>did blank the screen in sunos...

Another said:
>for a fast answer, I'll share with you what
>Sun told remove the *pm power management
> pkginfo | grep SUNWpm

but SUNWpm isn't installed.

Another response:
>/etc/init.d/power stop # kill power daemon
>mv /etc/power.conf /etc/power.conf-old # keep it from restarting at boot

We have no /etc/init.d/power.

One novel response was to turn off the screen saver via the cde Style Manager,
but since cde doesn't run, I don't know of any way to access the Style Manager?

Judith Reed
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