SUMMARY: Mixed processor speeds

From: Phillips-Consultant, Mike (
Date: Mon Jan 11 1999 - 10:53:36 CST

Original submission :

> Dear All,
> Can anyone give me the story on mixing CPUs of different
> speeds within the same server.
> I seem to remember that given different clock speeds that
> the lowest was chosen but that mixed speeds would be supported
> at some future version of Solaris.
> I have logged a call with Sun Service and they tell me that mixing
> CPU speeds within the same machine is not supported at all.
> So if I have got this right, I buy a box that can take
> 14 CPUs I start with 4 CPUs but I can only add the same
> CPU speeds in future which may or may not still be available.
> OR I can have a small trade-in price for my existing CPUs
> and buy my processors again in future years as well as additional
> ones !!!!
> Regards
> Mike Phillips - Global Asset Management


Mixed processor speeds may work but these configurations are NOT supported
by Sun.

The limitation is hardware and not OS so it will not be resolved in future
versions of the Solaris.

Thanks to the 11 who sent me e-mails on this.


Mike Phillips
Global Asset Management

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