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Thank you all,

Many people suggest:
1) make sure to kill all the process, especially "rmt"
2) to reset an exabyte drive (and eject the tape) push the eject button
multiple times repidly. Say 3 times in a sec. Try this a few times.
3) power off and on the drive.
4) change the SCSI id
5) cd to /dev/rmt remove all links (rm *) run drvconfig + tapes + devlinks. If
your "busy" drive was /dev/rmt/0 the system will create /dev/rmt/1 which
point to the same tape drive but with a IDLE device.
Don't forget to boot -r nest time.

My problem was case No.1 which I failed to clean the "rmt" process, but I think
the rest suggestions are good, especially I believe the No.4 and No.5 both
should work.

Here is the list who replied:

From: Erwin Fritz <>
From: "Michael Baumann" <>
From: Vince Hickey <>
From: "Thiyagarajan V. (Support)" <>
From: Richard Smith <>
From: Andrew Bloodworth <>

Original question:

Does anybody know how to resest the tape drive without rebooting the system?
We are using the exabyte 8500 tape drives. Sometimes if the backup program
stops during the backup, the system will always complain the "Device busy"
when you try to use mt command to check the status of the tape drive later.
I have checked all the related processes are killed, but the system still
says the device is busy.


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