SUMMARY: bandwidth metering

From: sasha e. (sage@3Sheep.COM)
Date: Mon Jan 04 1999 - 10:36:25 CST

my original question:

> My machine is co-located at a site where bandwidth is metered.. I've been
> getting complaints from my hosting company of overuse of bandwidth, from
> what (i assume) is probably users overusing ftp, etc.. My question is this
> -- is there any way for me as an administrator to monitor the amount of
> traffic that is coming to/from my machine, based on (preferably) per-user
> statistics, as well as per-service statistics.
> Does such a tool exist? And if so... where do I find it?

I received several suggestions as to what to try, including monitoring traffic
at the router level (which isn't possible at my location), trying Sun's
Bandwidth Allocator (a CBQ implementation for Solaris), and using a
combination of tcpdump and perl to count all of the packets going through a
given machine. I was also pointed towards ntop at which is more of a monitoring tool than
a management tool, but is interesting nonetheless.

The best suggestion I received was for a commercial product, Checkpoint's
Floodgate, which is described at

thanks to:
"Paquette, Trevor" <TrevorPaquette@MCC.NET>
Ian Collins <>
Kevin Sheehan - Uniq <>
george gorshkov <>
John Clinton <>


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