SUMMARY: Solstice FW 3.0 on Sun E450

From: Amjad Zamil (
Date: Wed Dec 30 1998 - 21:43:49 CST

 Sorry for my late summary.

 My original problem was:

 I am trying to configure a SecureRemote Win95 to connect to a FW 3.0 on
 E450 running Solaris ver 2.6 and I get an error message:
   "no license for ca"

 They have the following features enabled: motif , encryption and stdlight25.

 This was due to a missing license that activates the CA server functionality.
 This missing licence is ( in Checkpoint's FireWall Language ) :


 when you check your installed licenses using the fw printlic command, you find
 it as a "ca" feature.

  Thanx for :

    Kevin Maher , and
    Drexx D. Laggui


 Amjad Zamil < >

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