SUMMARY: Adding a second cpu to a SS5

From: Jeff Kennedy (
Date: Thu Dec 24 1998 - 09:18:31 CST

I received MANY replies to this (too many to list but thanks to everyone)
and all stated that the SS5 is a single cpu system. However, special
thanks go out to Louis Au for clearing up what was the source of my query,
that extra slot on the left side of the board. This slot looked to me like
the cpu card slots on the SS10, although looking at them side by side later
I noticed the difference. My hope was that a second cpu card could be
placed in that slot, alas it cannot. It is for a 24 bit frame buffer.

Thanks again.

Jeff Kennedy

Can it be done? Assuming, of course, that they're the same speed cpu. If
so, is it just a matter of pluging it in and booting? I've looked at
psrinfo and psradm but I didn't find a mention of what to do when you add
one initially. Didn't find anything in this lists archives, sunsolve, nor


Jeff Kennedy

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