SUMMARY: can't see print jobs in queue

From: Cheryl L. Southard (
Date: Tue Dec 22 1998 - 15:55:38 CST

Hi All,

Here's my original message.

>I've installed a HP LaserJet 6MP printer on our Ultra 1/170 via the
>/dev/bpp0 parallel interface. For the most part it works fine and
>jobs printreally quickly.
>However, I have the following problems:
>1. lpstat -o printername
> This command can't find any files in the queue, even when it
> is run by root.
>2. cancel <job-id>
> This command also fails to cancel any jobs, even when it is run
> by root.
>We are running Solaris 2.6 and used admintool to install the printer.
>I've also tried installing patch 106235-02.
>Also, we are using the Large B-type Parallel port on the HP 4MP printer.
>Thanks in advance for any hints or info.

I didn't get any useful responses, but I managed to find the solution by
poking my head into

I need the following line in my /etc/inetd.conf file to fix the problem:
printer stream tcp nowait root /usr/lib/print/in.lpd in.lpd

Then I rebooted my computer (kill -HUP <inetd pid> didn't work). I had
taken the line out several years ago for security purposes since computers
that don't host printers don't need this line.


Cheryl Southard

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