SUMMARY: bind vs. in.named

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Date: Tue Dec 22 1998 - 08:24:29 CST

Well it looks as if they are one in the same... Here are the responses
below, followed by the original question.

Thanks to all who replied.

Matthew Atkinson:

They are the same thing.

Alan Orndorff:

in.named is how you start the bind deamon on Solaris 2.6


BIND - Berkeley Internet Name Domain is the implementation of domain name
system (originally
written for Berkeley's 4.3BSD unix O.S. by Kevin Dunlap)...this is now
maintained by ISC...

IN.NAMED - is the bundled domain name server on Solaris....

If you're planning to implement DNS on your server then use the BIND 8.1.2
version...You can download
it at is the latest version and has all the fix for all
security related issues...

Benjamin Cline:

bind and in.named are different names for the same program (when you
install bind on a sun, the final executable daemon will be named
in.named), although the version of BIND available from the ISC
( tends to be newer than the version shipped with
Solaris. Since you'll be running Solaris 2.6, I suggest you get bind 4.9.7
or 8.1.2, both of which have several important security fixes.

Leif Ericksen:

The newest version of bind is more secure than named, and it allows for
loggin of different things that go on with bind/named. Go get the newer
revision of bind.


Original Question:

Hello sunners,

I am inquiring on the differances and advantages of bind and in.named...
We will be running mostly 2.6.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.

TIA and will summarize.


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