Summary: Re: Adding JetDirect Remote printer

From: Martin D. Baldenegro (RRNC) (
Date: Fri Dec 18 1998 - 15:53:49 CST

  Thanks, to everyone that replied.
  The answer was to get a copy of JetAdmin for Solaris from HP's
  Some folk's misunderstood my question or I did not explain it fully.
  I have a local printer off of /dev/term/a and wanted to add a remote
  network printer.
  I did download the JetAdmin software and installed it, but I still
  get the same output from lpstat-t. I can print to the network printer
  without problem, I just can not get the status of the queue or state
  of the printer.
  Again Thanks to everyone.
---- Original Question ----
> Sun-Managers,
> I am trying to add a remote network printer to the printers I can print to
> from my workstation, and have used admintool. I give it the printer name
> and the system name which there is none, but use the printer name. When
> I do an lpstat -t I get the following output.
> #48->lpstat -t
> scheduler is running
> system default destination: laser
> device for laser: /dev/term/a
> system for lj6mp: lj6mp
> character set
> laser accepting requests since Thu Dec 17 09:53:00 MST 1998
> lj6mp accepting requests since Dec 17 09:59 1998
> printer laser is idle. enabled since Thu Dec 17 09:53:00 MST 1998. available.
> printer lj6mp unknown state. enabled since Dec 17 09:59 1998. available.
> JetDirect lpd: no entries
> I am running Solaris 2.6 5/98 s297s_hw3smccDesktop_09 SPARC. Also when I run
> the command lpc and do a stat all, it does not show up.
> #49->lpc
> lpc> stat all
> laser:
> queueing is enabled
> printing is enabled
> no entries
> lpc>
> Is there something else that needs to be done to be able to print to this
> network printer. (It is an HP Laser Jet 6MP printer).

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