[Summary] Trouble with Solaris 2.6 TCP/IP

From: Jon E. Kump (xavier@postnet.com)
Date: Wed Dec 02 1998 - 04:45:57 CST

On 30-Nov-98 Jon E. Kump wrote:
> Were having some problems with the tcp/ip stack under solaris 2.6_x86
> Here is the scenerio:
> We have 2 servers acting as mail servers. both for sending/receiving
> mai
> l. They also do the pop-3 services for our clients. What is happening is
> that
> once in a while the servers will accept a connection and then not respond
> right
> away. It can sometimes take up to 2 minutes for the process to respond with
> a p
> ropt if telneting or respond to the program that is connecting to it. I have
> do
> ne some tweaking of the tcp device (see below) but it hasnt seemed to help.

To my questions that I posed. It seems from the responses that it was a DNS loo
kup problem.

we are looking into ways to make our lookups easier for the systems. either by
running a caching dns server on the box or by adding another NIC into the system
s for just DNS lookups.

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