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From: Stefan Voss (
Date: Wed Dec 02 1998 - 04:22:03 CST


I got some answers (thanks to those, who responded), but none of them helped me.
I used m64config in console mode with different resolutions, then started the X
server - no result, I changed the output-device in the eeprom - no result (i did
it earlier with a CG6 card and it worked there). Our hardware vondor still says,
that it should work with our graphics card and monitor. But it doesn't.




Hi there,

I have a dual headed Ultra 60 with ATI graphics cards (2 MB). The current screen
resolution is 1024x768, but i want it to be 1152x900. Therefore i used

   m64config -dev /dev/fb0 -res 1152
   m64config -dev /dev/fb1 -res 1152

The command complains:

   Warning: no edid data available from this monitor
   m64config: Cannot verify that 1152x900x76 is a supported video resolution for
this monitor
   m64config: Use 1152x900x76 anyway (yes/no) ?

If i type "yes" (as my harware vendor suggests), then 2 things can happen:

   1. nothing changes, or
   2. the monitor turns black and goes into standby mode, only a reboot can
      bring it back.

Our hardware vendor says, that the new resolution will be applied if the window
system is started for the next time, but this may work at him (and they use the
same monitors as we do), but not here. I tried it as root and as a normal user,
in the console and in an xterm, all to no avail.

Of course, the machine is an important production machine and normally cannot be
rebooted, it is used 25 hours a day and 8 days a week ;-)

Can anyone help ?



Abount the monitor (in german, but most of it is already in english...)

  Astro Monitor 20", 53 cm, Sony Trinitron Bildroehre, 96KHz Zeilenfrequenz,
  bei 1600 x 1280 max. 76Hz, TCO 95, CE, 0,25mm pitch, BNC-Buchse

and from dmesg:

   PCI-device: ATI,Video-Xpression@2, m64 #0
   SUNW,m64B0 is /pci@1f,4000/ATI,Video-Xpression@2
   m64#0: 1024x768, 2M mappable, rev 5654.40
   PCI-device: ATI,Video-Xpression@4, m64 #1
   SUNW,m64B1 is /pci@1f,4000/ATI,Video-Xpression@4
   m64#1: 1024x768, 2M mappable, rev 5654.40
   stdout is </pci@1f,4000/ATI,Video-Xpression@2> major <8> minor <0>



Casper Dik <casper@holland.Sun.COM>

These devices should even support 1280x1024. However, you must make sure your
monitor supports those resolutions. Perhaps it doesn't support 1152x900x76 (==
1152) but it may support 1152x900x66.

Also, when running X windows, the new resolution will not be used by the X
server and garbage will result.

The command

   m64config -res <res> try

will set the new resultion for 10 seconds and then restore the old modes.

m64config won't change the modes immediately, it will update OWconfig unless you
specify "no".

You shouldn't really need to reboot, just restart the X server.


Leo Crombach <>

I had a similar situation. I found that using a lower refresh rate allowed
me to change the resolution - i.e. 60Hz instead of 76Hz.


John Keeton <>

This is what I do with my Dualheaded Ultra1.. One of the screens defaulted to
1152, and the cg6 defaulted to 1024.. So I changed the following with
either eeprom, or at the ok prompt..

root@saisun31: keeton% eeprom | grep output


When I needed this functionality on an Ultra1 I put the config command
.login startup files (tcsh shell). Your problem may be that you cannot
change the resolution once the X server has started (you say you're
trying to run this from an Xterm).


There is an option for m64config to change the resolution immediately:
For you should be something like:
m64config -dev /dev/fb0 -res 1152 now

But I don't know why your monitor doesn't support 1152x900


Roger Fujii <>

1) Make sure you have the latest rev. It seems to be 103792-15 for the time
2) run m64config outide th window system. The best luck I have had is to telnet
   in from another machine, run m64config, and kill the X server.
3) You also might try some of the other refresh rates (66, in this case).

You also might want to make sure the cables are ok. The PGX cards
seem to send out a sync that some monitors (sometimes) aren't happy with.

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