[SUMMARY] freeware for SunOS 4.1.x

From: foster@bial1.ucsd.edu
Date: Tue Dec 01 1998 - 12:38:55 CST

I had asked for pointers to GZIP and TCSH binaries for SunOS 4.1.x,
or that someone email me the binaries. Original post follows my summary.

Thanks so much for everyone's replies! I apologize for being a bit too
hasty to post, as I had found both binaries later that day by searches
on the net:

  Great collection of links for SunOS 4.1.x freeware (including TCSH):


  You can also get to the GNU web site from Sunfreeware site:


  using the "Other Useful Sites" link.

  I was not able to get GZIP from the first site, but I found the Gzip
  home page from the Sunfreeware site -> GNU web site:


  This site has binaries for GZIP for many different OS's and versions.

  I compiled tcsh without too much trouble. If anyone needs binaries for
  either just email me and I'd be happy to send them to you.

Thanks to:

Sean Quaint <squaint@cac.net>
James Ford <jford@tusc.net> *
Eric De Mund <ead@ixian.com>
sandesh <sandesh@bom5.vsnl.net.in>
peter@jrc.nl (Peter Watkins) *
Stefan Voss <s.voss@terradata.de> *
Reto Lichtensteiger <rali@meitca.com> *
James Ford <jford@tusc.net>

Thanks especially to James Ford, Peter Watkins, Stefan Voss, and
Reto Lichtensteiger, who either sent me binaries or made them available
on the net.

This list is amazing.

David Foster

> Can any kind folks point me to any sites having freeware for SunOS 4.1.x?
> I'm looking specifically for GZIP and TCSH, and if anyone has the biniaries
> for these under SunOS 4.1.x, if you could email them to me that would be
> greatly appreciated. I need to get these utilities in a hurry and have
> been having problems compiling the ones I got from links at the following site:
> http://inform.ee.t-kougei.ac.jp/~udagawa/SunOS4.1.4-JLE/index.html
> I'll summarize the pointers, and if anyone's interested I can put binaries
> up on an anonymous ftp site if I get any. Thanks!
> Dave

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     Programmer/Analyst Brain Image Analysis Laboratory
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