SUMMARY: news server for Solaris

From: Gerhard den Hollander (
Date: Fri Nov 27 1998 - 05:20:38 CST

My original question was along the lines of.

I need to setup a news server for local news on a solaris 2.6 box,
I am planning on using C-news, but cannot find an NNTP deamon.
What should I do.

The answers were unanymous.

Don't use C-news, but get INN from

Quite a few people qualified this with
        stick to the 1.7.2 version,
        the latest (2.X) versions are intended for huge volumes of news.

So I did just that.
INN comes with a wealth of documentation, config files for solaris 2.5
(which worked on 2.6 as well). Compiled straight out of the box, and after
some minor tweaking (all of which could be easily found in the man pages) I
had it up and running in under an hour (not counting compile time ;) ).

Thanks all around.

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