SUMMARY: aixterm termcap for Solaris 2.6?

From: The Ghost who Admins (
Date: Tue Nov 24 1998 - 20:56:35 CST

Roger Fuji <> sent me this solution to this problem:

termcap probably isn't the way to go. Terminfo is better.

1) log into the aix system.
2) type "infocmp aixterm". infocmp is the terminfo decompiler.
If infocmp is not available on aix, look at untic from
comp.sources.unix archive, volume #5
3) copy the output to a solaris file.
4) type "tic file_you_put_aixterm_terminfo_in"


And the original question:
> Sun Managers,
> I work in an environment that recently got several ES10k systems in our
> previously all AIX environment and have found that the termcap for
> AIXTERM does not come standard. It's a simple matter to export TERM to
> "xterm", and for the most part it works, but i would like to build a
> termcap for aixterm. I can't seem to find any termcap info in the
> archives or on the web.
> Solaris OS: 2.6 on ES10K domains. (possibly 2.5.x on some legacy systems
> too)
> AIX OS: 4.1.x and 4.2.x using aixterm
> Thanks in advance and I will summarize.
> Mike Evans

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