[SUMMARY] Seagate ST15150WC in Sparc 4?

From: Chris Marble (cmarble@orion.ac.hmc.edu)
Date: Mon Nov 23 1998 - 15:45:49 CST

My original question [with snippage]:
> Can a Sparc 4 running Solaris 2.6 boot off a drive larger than 2Gb?
> I bought a SEAGATE ST34501WC and it's almost working.
> The format command fails and then fails again when retried without mode
> selects and Grown Defects list. Since it gave a "Not ready error
> during format" I installed the "Enable Motor Start" jumper on J2 pins
> 11-12. I editted /etc/format.dat because I was tired of describing the
> disk every time. Asking format to figure it out would always fail.
> Tuesday morning things seem to be working. The drive's formatted,
> partitioned, labelled. I've got filesystems on it, data is copied to /
> and /var and I can swap on the swap partition. I install a bootblock
> but can't boot on the drive. The boot process complains that there's no
> bootblock found. I boot, rerun installboot 2 more times and the system
> still won't come up. Do I need to take the boot partition under 2Gb?

Casper Dik had the correct answer as usual. The drive can be large but
the boot partition has to be under 2Gb.
I repartitioned the drive and the machine is working fine. 10,000 RPM
fast-wide drive booting a Sparc 4 running Solaris 2.6

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