SUMMARY: Changing SCSI id of boot disk Ultra2 Solaris 2.6

From: Aki Sasaki (
Date: Mon Nov 23 1998 - 15:34:19 CST

after banging my head against the problem so long I thought I wouldn't
be able to figure it out, then the answer came to me right after I
sent this.

If you do a boot -r on a good boot disk w/ the appropriate scsi id
on the chain, you'll get the devices built, then you can dump that
to the cookie.

Sorry about that,
hope these emails at least helped those of you who are still doing
new installs and doing lots of reconfiguration every time...

On Mon, 23 Nov 1998, Aki Sasaki wrote:

>Hi all,
>We build our Suns from "cookie disks"... basically, external disks
>that we dump a good image to and then use to dump to new disks to
>get an exact copy. Then it's a snap to change the hostname and a few
>config files and you have a pre-configured standard server or
>My problem is on the UltraSparc2, Solaris 2.6:
>all of our cookie disks are scsi id 2, so at the OK prompt you do a
>boot disk2 and mount your system disk at /mnt...
>On the Ultra2, the rc script (in /etc/rcS.d) mounts /usr
>read only BEFORE the devlinks rc script... so it tries to mount /usr
>before the device node has been created.
>result: no can boot.
>Our workaround is to make the cookie disk id 0, move the new disk to
>id 1, and boot normally. Then move the new disk to id 0 and remove the
>cookie disk.
>Why don't I want to keep doing it this way? I'd rather take a few
>extra steps on the keyboard than have to dig around in the hardware
>every single time I have to cookie a disk =P I'm a software kinda
>Anyone know an easy way to build or copy the device nodes beforehand?
>the disk we'd want to build them on would be mounted on /mnt...
>I could write a small script to do this once I get the answer.
>Thanks in advance,

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