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From: Rajnish Gupta (
Date: Mon Nov 23 1998 - 01:09:41 CST

Orignal Question:--

>Hi managers,
>I have an E4500 with 2 CPU's, my questions are :
>1. Should there be a load sharing between them.
>2. If yes, how can I know load on to each CPU. "top"
>it seems reports for one CPU.
>Do I need to enable this feature or by default it
>shares the load.(or does it depends on the application)

Thanks to all of them who replied. List is long so dificult to
include the names. Great list !!

Consensus was to use "mpstat" to find out the statistics
of each processor.

A single process will only run across several CPU's if it is
multithreaded. A single threaded process will only be able to use
one CPU. But a Server running several processes will still be able
to use all it's CPU's as the processes will be spread across the
available cpu's and will get distributed depending on the load on
each CPU.

Thanks again
Rajnish Gupta

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