SUMMARY: Bind Version?

From: Vipin Gupta (
Date: Fri Nov 20 1998 - 02:37:25 CST

Dear Friends,

Although I got 12 responses to my query on knowing the BIND version but
unfortunately for my version of BIND non of them could help me in
getting the info out of my system.

We use SUNOS 4.1.4 and BIND which is bundled into it.
This gave me a feeling that it is using very old version of BIND.

Anyway I am summarising the answers :

Most of the people suggested to use :

1. strings in.named | egrep -i named
This gave me following output:

Usage: named [-d #] [-p port] [{-b} bootfile]

This did not help me in getting the versionof BIND.

2. /usr/ccs/bin/what /usr/etc/in.nmaed

This gave me the following output:
        db_dump.c 1.10 89/02/14 SMI
        db_load.c 1.13 89/02/14 SMI
        db_lookup.c 1.9 88/05/03 SMI
        db_reload.c 1.12 88/05/03 SMI
        db_save.c 1.9 88/05/03 SMI
        db_update.c 1.9 89/02/14 SMI
        ns_forw.c 1.15 94/06/16 SMI
        ns_init.c 1.13 89/02/14 SMI
         Copyright (c) 1986 Regents of the University of California.
        ns_main.c 1.19 94/06/16 SMI
        ns_maint.c 1.13 89/02/22 SMI
        ns_req.c 1.14 89/02/14 SMI
        ns_resp.c 1.18 89/02/14 SMI
        ns_sort.c 1.9 89/02/22 SMI
        version.c 1.5 88/05/03 SMI
        strcasecmp.c 1.5 88/02/08 SMI

I could not make out the BIND version out of it.

3. To check the log file for BIND daemon. Bit since the version it is
using is too old it did not give any message either.

Anyway ...thanks a lot to follwoing people:
Haicheng Yu, Nickolai, Parris Wood, Benjamin Cline, Greg Plankski,
Brenda MArriot, James Ford, Aaron Lineberger, Craig Whytock, Jochen
Bern, Juan Manuel and Ian Foster.

I am trying to compile 4.9.7


Vipin Gupta wrote:

> 1. How do I know that which version of BIND is running?
> 2. Which is the most stable old version of BIND?
> Warm Regards
> Vipin Gupta

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