Summary for system downtime information

From: chakru (
Date: Fri Nov 13 1998 - 08:06:39 CST

Thank you all very much. It was great that I got around 50 responses
within 15 hours of posting the question.
To get the uptime information, most of them told the following:

1. last reboot (Gives all the times when reboot had happened. This
information is recorded in wtmpx file)

2. uptime (This command gives the total uptime until now since last
system reboot)

3. who -b and who -r (These commands also do the same as last reboot
command in a different format)

Here are some unique ones:

4. Look at /var/adm/messages. Also the messages file is copied to
messages.0. messages.0, messages.2 and messages.3 by the script
/usr/lib/newsyslog script which is scheduled in the root crontab.
(Todd Herr gave this info)

5. psrinfo -v (shows the processor's uptime since last reboot)
(Ganeshan gave this info)

6. There is a public domain software called as freeks which may do the
(Sanjiv K. Bhatia gave this info and I am yet to see what this one can

        Thanks you all once again for such responses.

        I appreciate all those replied.
                            Regards, Chakru

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