[SUMMARY] Re: Serving files to PCs

From: chris_knox@hypercom.com
Date: Wed Nov 11 1998 - 14:56:49 CST

     The question was first where to find pcnfsd and only secondarily how
     best to serve files to PCs. The overwhelming and resounding response
     is SAMBA! I won't clutter your mailbox with all the responses (some 66
     messages), however I'll point out some of my misconceptions, and oh,
     by the way, you can get pcnfsd.
     It was suggested that I should be able to find pcnfsd on my Solaris
     2.5.1 distribution. I looked, didn't see it, but wasn't terribly
     motivated to go hunting. The pcnfsd is apparently included as part of
     the Solstice pc-nfs client. You can get it at
     But the response for Samba is so overwhelming and addressed my issues
     so well, that I decided it would be worth biting the bullet and
     working out my issues with it.
     First, SMB protocol routes and can be made visible throughout a
     network. I am still having some problems with visibility of the
     server through the browse lists, but the Samba list
     (http://samba.anu.edu.au/listproc) members have been helpful.
     Since Samba is nominally free (not countng the time I have to play
     with it to make it work in my environment), and since when it's
     finally properly configured my PC clients will be able to access it
     without installing any special software, it's worth the investment to
     move past pcnfs.
     As I say, I'm close, but haven't quite nailed everything down.
     Suggestions from anyone who worked out problems with Samba and browse
     lists across subnets under Solaris 2.5.1 would be appreciated.
> I need to serve files to PCs from a Solaris system and am drawing
> some blanks. The simplest thing (I think) would be to run pcnfsd,
> but it's not in my Solaris distributiion. I always thought pcnfsd
> was an open source tool. It's included in just about every UNIX OS I
> have anything to do with (BSDI, HP, Linux, AIX), but apparently not
> on Solaris (2.5.1). Do I need to talk to my Sun reseller to buy a
> license? Or is ported source available? I've done the web search
> thing, but don't see it. What I've found rpc-pcnfsd.c which is a
> single source file that doesn't want to compile in my Solaris 2.5.1
> environment.
> What it boils down to is that I'm trying to give drive mapping
> capability to PC users. We have a considerable investment in tools
> that include pcnfs clients. I've evaluated the Syntax product and
> found it a fine tool, but deploying it would duplicate the
> investment we already have in the PCNFS client. I've also evaluated
> samba and been much impressed. Unfortunately, the Microsh* protocol
> is not routable, so I'm confined to a single subnet.
> Suggestions? Please reply directly to me. I will summarize and
> repost.
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     Hypercom, Inc. (602) 504-5888
     Unix Systems Support Speaking only for myself.

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