SUMMARY: X25/LAPB problem on Sol2.6

From: Bart Bakker (
Date: Fri Nov 06 1998 - 06:15:09 CST


Well, first of all thanks to all who responded:

        Adrian Poparlan
        Andrew Kyle
        Niall O Broin
        Shane Macaulay
        Umesh Chandra Sing

Since the majority seemed to think Sun was right on this:
I tried different parameters and verified them with my old
settings (btw I did *not* copy the config files) It took me
two days to realize this was ridiculous since I never had any
problems before. So I dug up the old classic, switched it's X25
interface with the one in the Sparc20 AND IT WORKED!!! The two
interfaces looked similar but a closer look revealed some minor
differences in the onboard chips. I'm not exactly sure if it has
something to do with this revision difference or just a damaged
X25 interface, but I don't care since it seems to be working now.
This simple test (which took me less than an hour!!!) Could have
saved a lot of time if Sun support hadn't ruled this option out
as a 'very unlikely possibility' when I suggested it.



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Hi all,

We've got *big* problems using X25 (v9.1) on a Sparc20 (sol 2.6). Until
recently we used a Classic running Sol 2.4 with X25 v8.2, never had any
problems. But transfering this connection to our Sparc20 has not exactly been
a success story!

What's happening:
On start-up everything seems to be normal, our HSI (v2.0) is coming up nicely
reporting all links up and running (we're only using link 2):

hih2: reset
hih2: up and running at 1536000 baud, mode=fdx txc=txc rxc=rxc

Starting the network reports "The network has been brought up",
but we're missing the "LAPB Up on link 2" message. All our settings seem
to be ok, but when tracing the link using "x25trace -i /dev/lapb" we see
the following pattern, over and over again:

 30.03 HDLC Sent 1 bytes, link 2, command SABM(P),

 30.10 HDLC Rcvd 1 bytes, link 2, command DISC(P),

 30.10 HDLC Sent 1 bytes, link 2, response DM(F),

A 'linkstate 2' shows that the specified connection never reaches the NORMAL
state but stays in SETUP state:

Mon Nov 2 09:49:05 1998: LAPB Link 2 is in state SETUP

Seems like the switch is disconnecting each time our host is trying to set-up
the link. We've got all the latest patches installed (for both the HSI and X25
itself). The parameters were manually copied from the old installation on the
classic. Sun support think it's a problem with the parameters, the provider of
the X25 line thinks it's a problem with the Sun and so we're in a deadlock
situation. Since I'm not an expert on X25 I can't verify all settings are
correct, so I'd really appreciate it if anyone could shed some light on the
above problem or provide me with some pointer to where the problem could be
originating from. I tried all diagnostic options from the manuals and did not
find anything useful in Sunsolve.



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