SUMMARY: Dead 630MP; LED Translation Needed

From: Tim Evans (
Date: Fri Oct 30 1998 - 06:45:53 CST

Yesterday, I wrote:

>I have a dead SparcServer 630MP. It's diagnostic LED's
>read like this:
>o o o o x o x o o o o o
>(This is read from left to right from the VME board, facing
>the VME board; the words "Diagnostic LED's" are printed above the LED's.)
>The LED 5th from the left is blinking about every 5 seconds;
>the 7th is blinking about every one second. All others are
>Can someone translate?

I had replies from:
"Bruce Rossiter" <>
"Michael Baumann" <>
Anthony Worrall <>

No one found a translation for the LED display, but everyone recommended
connection of a dumb terminal and setting the "diag" switch on the
system board. Doing so promptly showed me that the fuse on the SCSI
adaptor was blown. The blown fuse was caused by connection of an
old tape drive that had its internal SCSI connector improperly
aligned (i.e., it was one pin offset).

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