SUMMARY: Solaris for x86

From: Dmitry Dneprov (
Date: Thu Oct 29 1998 - 01:09:31 CST

My original message was:

Hi Gurus !

I am going to make a small project (and therefore cheap)
and plan to use Solaris x86 operating system.

Do somebody have any experience with its stability ?
I hear that it was developed for studing purposes.
Is it right ?

I have got numerous number of replies,
though this question had been some kind off-topic,
as pleasantly noted by John DiMarco.

Most of the respondents say, that Solaris for x86
is as stable as a Sparc version and is compiled
from the same source code.
The stability is determined primary by the hardware used.

It may be cheaper to use Linux instead, but
in my case software requires to be run under Solaris.

Thanks to all who replied:
Martin Huber
Steve Kay
Ted Foster
Karl Vogel
Rodney C.Marable
The Late Ian Angles
Amjad Zamil
Peter L.Wargo
Vedran Bender
Brooke King (6532)
Rick Dempster
John DiMarco
Rik Schneider
Charlie Mengler
Randy J.Parker
Rich Kulawiec
Shriman Gurung
Bruce R.Zimmer
Al Hopper
Todd Fiedler
Petri Kallberg
Chad Rytting
Stephen Wolthusen
Andrew Kyle

Dmitry Dneprov,
Systems Administrator,
Tatco Co. Ltd.,
Moscow, Russia

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