[SUMMARY] Problem with Solaris 2.6 Install

From: foster@bial1.ucsd.edu
Date: Thu Oct 22 1998 - 10:54:31 CDT

Problem was during an Install (not Upgrade) of Solaris 2.6 on an Ultra1
using the interactive installation program, the install would exit with:

        Exiting (caught signal 8)

after specifying what level of installation (eg. Developer) I wanted.
(Now THAT'S what I call a useful error message!!)

I later tried using the WebStart installation, and it died also, but at least
gave a useful error message about SCSI target 4 not being labelled
properly. Trouble is, SCSI target 4 is an optical drive!

I just disconnected the optical drive and the installation worked!

Someone else had this same problem, and in their case one of their
fixed disks was not labelled properly; they used format to label
the disk.

Thanks for the replies:

MaC <kgmcdonald@earthlink.net>
Gleb Kukhta <gleb@ot.ru>
"Keller, Dennis" <DKeller@ddc.dla.mil>


System: Sun Ultra1 170E with Solaris 2.5, Recommended Patches Installed


  When trying to do a fresh Install of Solaris 2.6 5/98 using the interactive
  installation program, I get to the point where it asks me what "level" of
  installation I want (End-User, Developer, Entire...), and when I
  select one and press Next I get the incredibly useful message:

        Exiting (caught signal 8)

  Can someone please give me a hint? I've gone through SunSolve, the
  FAQ, and all of the Solaris 2.6 Installation documentation, and
  haven't found anything.

  FWIW, it doesn't matter which level of installation (eg. Developer)
  that I select, it always crashes.

Thanks, and of course I will summarize. I imagine other people will need
this eventually as well.

David Foster

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