SUMMARY: AdminSuite error: "not a valid NIS+ domain"

From: Carlson, Dylan (
Date: Fri Oct 16 1998 - 17:32:33 CDT

I solved my own problem. Forgot that changes to /etc/defaultdomain don't
get reflected with a simple restart of AdminSuite.

Problem WAS in /etc/defaultdomain. For whatever reason, the trailing dot in
the domain name wasn't there, and as a result AdminSuite was choking on it.

Was: ""
Fixed entry: ""

I fixed the entry, restarted the server, and AdminSuite works fine now. The
Bug Id: 4052554 ended up confusing things more than it helped.

Thanks to anyone who was about to respond. Find the original posting below.

---------------- original message ------------
> Hello Managers,
> We already use NIS+ in our predominantly Solaris 2.6 corporate LAN. I'm in
> the process of configuring a new NIS+ domain for our internet DMZ. It is a
> standalone, top-level domain that is not in any way associated with our
> corporate LAN.
> The root master server is a Sparc 5, Solaris 2.6, and latest cluster
> patch. I am running AdminSuite 2.3. Everything seems to be working except
> for AdminSuite. AdminSuite loads fine but when I attempt to go into any of
> the applications, and select NIS+, I get a message:
> "The operation failed with this status: "" is not a valid NIS+
> domain."
> Bug Id: 4052554 references this exact problem with rpc.nisd, but I have
> tried this to no avail.
> NIS_PATH is not set, and I have checked /etc/defaultdomain for proper
> syntax.
> Any ideas? I will summarize.
> Thanks!
> Dylan Carlson (
> Sr Systems Administrator - Alldata Corporation
> phone: 916.684.5200 ext. 3255 fax: 916.684.5225

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