SUMMARY: Addendum to Boot problem on x86 (pending)

From: Vahid Moghaddasi (
Date: Fri Oct 16 1998 - 09:01:41 CDT

Hello all,
After lots of e-mail that I received from you and haven't tried any
solution yet, I see the need to give some more info:
original posting:
> I installed Solaris 2.6 (x86) on a system with a Quantum FB 8.4GB IDE

> hard disk; installation went fine
> without a hitch, but it wont reboot! It gets stuck on ... "b for boot
> i
> for interpreter" prompt, then after 5
> seconds it complains "kernel not found." It continues with this
> message
> for ever, every 5 seconds.
> back ground:
> The same system was running solaris 2.6 (x86) on an SCSI HD and
> smaller
> IDE (4GB).
> Any known problems with big hard disks?

Additional information:

The disk (at least in BIOS) shows to have 1027 cyl and to be 8.4GB, I am
using half of the disk for Solaris
(about 600 cyl). I have only two partitions / and swap, / partition is
about 5GB. Thomas Bastin suggested
that the / partition should be less than 2GB.
I am using configuration assistant 1.3 and as I mentioned, installation
goes very well.
Michael Hocke suggested to install driver update 3, but the system will
not reboot, how can I install IDE
upgrade? Maybe before the first reboot?

Thank you, and I will update my summary.

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