SUMMARY: Why super user of NIS+ client host could switch user wit hout pass word?

From: Cheng, Jim (
Date: Tue Oct 13 1998 - 09:18:02 CDT

Hi all,

Most people replay to me indicating that I have no configuration
Just don't give root access to users. Thanks for all the people that
and tried to help.

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> We just configured NIS+ in a small network(Class C).
> All hosts have Solaris 2.6 OS with recommended
> cluster patch. After setup, everything looks
> fine except one problem. We found out that a
> super(root) user of NIS+ host could switch to NIS+
> user without password. Since we setup auto home
> for each NIS+ user, and if a user has root
> password for his/her workstation, then he/she
> can switch to any NIS+ user without password.
> This means no security at all for NIS+ users.
> We have not figure out what piece is missing.
> If some of you experience same problem, would
> you share your recipe?
> Thanks lot,
> Jim


 Did you solve this problem? I couln't see your SUMMARY. I you solved
problem, I would be happy to know the solution.

 Thanks for your advice...


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