SUMMARY : How to find the slot on I/O board from c?t?d?s?

From: Ameet Chaubal (
Date: Wed Oct 07 1998 - 08:52:07 CDT

Thanks a lot Jonathan
I asked a Sun engineer but even he was not sure about how to get to the
disk from the path. He said they generally to a format-analyze-read on a
neighbouring disk to see
the lights blinking.

Ameet Chaubal
Caribiner International

Original question:

Subject: How to find the slot on I/O board from c?t?d?s?
I need to know which sbus slot (0,1,2) on the I/O board a disk is connected
I have a disk c2t3d0s0
If a do a ls -l on /dev/rdsk/c2t3d0s0 it gives me

             ------> This number divided by 2 gives me the board number
(3/2 =1)
How do I get the slot number on this board.
Actually this disk is in a RSM tray.


>As you said, the "@3" after "sbus" can be divided by 2 to give you the
>board number,
>so you know it's Slot 1. Further, you also know that you're on SysIO chip
>"b", since 3/2 has a remainder.
>The Sbus slot number follows the "isp@", so in your case is slot 0. This
>makes sense, because SysIO chip "b" only handles Slot 0 and the onboard
>FEPS (slot 3). SysIO chip "a" handles slots 1, 2 and d (onboard SOC or
>hope this helps,

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